Monday, April 25, 2011

Shop upgrade

So I am in the process of reworking my shop. I have plans to make cabinets to cover most of the wall space it will provide more work area and storage for all my tools and such. Already finished the first stage of the makeover and already plans have changed from the original design.

So here is what the first phase covered: I had to level some of my basement floor so I could put my roll around tool cabinet by the door. (this is taking some getting used to as the tool chest moved from the other side of the shop) The floor was off enough that I levelled it using 2x4's on their sides and tapered down to anywhere from 1/2 to 7/8 of an inch on the one end(the floor is out this much and out of 5 boards not a one is cut like any other)

I only put 2 anchors into the floor to secure the platform. I wasn't worried about the base moving from side to side but I didn't want it to slide away from the wall. The weight of the shelving and tool chest will hold it in place otherwise.

So here was the finished planned stage 1. I was troubled by the wasted space next to the shelf between it and the wall. So I decided to add some shelves to store another drawer cabinet and my woodworking magazines. This is the final outcome.
After doing this first stage I figured it's about time to sharpen my chisels. I always let this aspect of my woodworking lag but I need to do something other than go and buy a new chisel when I have a new project lol. That gets expensive. here is a quick look at my work that is ahead.....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Niddy Noddy

So I made a Niddy Noddy based on the Oseberg design. the original looks like this:
Now I have made Niddy Noddys before for commission that were plain jane like this:

Just made one based on the dimensions of the above but styled more like the top photo for a commission and it looks like this:

This is on it's way to France. For those not of the fiber arts persuasion this little tool is used to wind yarn after it is spun to put it into skeins. 

Overall dimensions are 13" wide X 17" long X 3/4" thick the centre arm is mortice and tenoned into the arms.