Saturday, April 24, 2010

here we go.....

So I have decided to venture out into this world of blogging. I think I will start this out as a trial on all the woodworking stuff I am doing. I was following the podcasts of Marc and Matt on "woodtalkonline" and have watched numerous posdcasts by both of these gentlemen as well. so here goes:

The premise of doing this blog is to try to document some of the things I will make that have to deal with "Period" stuff. I am a reenactor and enjoy things particular to Norse life and culture. I have made a bed that my wonderful wife and I use not only as our every day bed, but it knocks down and we use it as our camp bed as well. I have made the frame for my A-frame tent, complete with carvings on the uprights. I have made, cups, picture frames, chests, chairs, fibre arts tools for combing, spinning, and weaving wool.

So here will be the further adventures into my period woodworking.....


  1. Your Norse bed is beautiful!!! Can you please post a few more pictures of it from different angles and perhaps one capturing the entire bed too?

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I will try to get more pics do a blog post about the whole bed.