Saturday, May 22, 2010

So I go out to buy this wood, it is all select pine, there is a 1x10x4', 2 1x3x6', and 2 1x4x3'.
First step I glued up the 1x3's and when the glue cured I scraped away the glue. Next I jointed the sides of the boards to get them flush (there was some movement when I clamped the glue-up.

I then cut the 1x3's and 1x10's in half.

Next I lay out the mortices in the feet and legs of the loom (1x10, 2x3)

I clean out most of the mortices with a forstner bit then clean out the rest with a chisel and fine tune the fit with a file.

ok so I forgot about taking pictures for a few steps but ultimately I made these locking tenons on the stretcher (piece between the feet) and the brace (piece between the legs). I made all these cuts at the band saw. The brace is held in place with our good friend gravity. The stretcher is locked in place by the legs as you will see later.

I started using my vice to shave the legs with my draw knife but decided it would be much faster and more controlled on the shaving horse.I finished up the rounding with some sandpaper. I really meant to use card scrapers here but I found out that my scrapers need sharpening and I was on a bit of a deadline to get the loom done.

Last thing I did was to ease all the sharp corners with the router and a round over bit. Here are all the peices finished.

The brace slides into the mortice and slides down to lock the legs in place. The stretcher inserts into the feet up to the shoulders.

The legs then slide onto the bottom assembly and locks everything in place.

VOILA! an Oseberg Loom for my Lady.

Here is the loom in use. this is going to be the start of a sheet of fabric. My Lady spun,dyed and wove the trim running from leg to leg and is inserting threads that will hang down from a larger loom to be woven into fabric.

There you have it. Hopefully I will get a little better at documenting my builds as time goes on. I also know I promised this post sooner but I just could not find the time to sit down and post everything.

Until next time.

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