Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two posts in as many days....

Honestly I need to get a backlog of posts done so I can move on to new stuff in the shop. I promised myself I wouldn't start any new projects till I am caught up on my blogging.

So after the disaster with the bowls I made some ball and cup games as well as some baby rattles. The ball and cups are made from maple and cedar respectively. I turned the cups on the lathe while I bought the balls from Michael's (I know I should have turned those too but I was on a time crunch.) The string is held in pre drilled holes and wedged tightly with a toothpick and some carpenter's glue.

After those were done I made some baby rattles from maple. it is a nice clean design using captured rings. there is no glue to worry about or toxic chemicals either.
Stay tuned.... I will be posting again tomorrow.

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