Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I have been doing stuff I promise

I have been doing some woodworking. I have been teaching some people some basic stuff about woodworking, how to construct a loom and even teaching my daughters how to do sawing with a hand saw.

The reason I have waited so long to post is because the big project I was working on was a christmas gift and I wanted to make sure the recipient didn't know his present was on it's way. I made a chess set! yup a real chess set but not only a chess set but what I am told is a royal chess set.
now the difference is that the board is 10x10 instead of 8x8. the back row has 2 extra pieces in it, the Champion and the Cardinal.

here are the individual pieces:

The Queen

The King

The Knight

The Bishop

The Rook

 The Pawns

 The Champion (this was supposed to look like a dragon but turned out more like a chicken)

The Cardinal

 and a look at the set from the other side.

I had a chance to play a game with the extra pieces and it was pretty fun. I just can't bring myself to look at my lathe for a while now lol.


  1. Nice clean work! How do the champion and the cardinal move?

  2. The champion moves on any given turn like the knight or the rook, while the cardinal moves like the knight or the bishop on any given turn.