Monday, May 10, 2010

well this isn't quite going as planned...

So I have done next to nothing in my shop over the past couple weeks. My busy schedule and weird hours have kept me from woodworking. This week seems will be no different. so in the meantime I thought I would post some pics of some older stuff I have done.

Here are some mugs I made for a friend. She requsted them for a co-worker who had some "special" mugs broken in a move. From what I understand The lady always sat down on a particular day with her 2 kids and had some iced tea. After these mugs were delivered, I was told the lady in question burst into tears at the sentiment and marveled at the work and hand carving that went around the mugs. The mugs were made from maple and cherry. There was a square cherry core, wrapped in maple then wrapped in cherry again. These blanks were cut into octagonal blocks and then turned on my old cheapie mastercraft lathe. I then carved the names "lisa","cole",and "bernie" as well as some knotwork into the mug with a chip carving knife. So if I can't do more woodworking I will plan on posting something I have done or something about woodworking.


  1. D'vorah bint al-AttarJune 1, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    I'm WELL impressed by these mugs. You could probably finance an SCA career by making mugs like these, carved with either nothing at all, or knotwork (Celtic, but there are other people who also did knotwork and/or repeating patterns), or words like Laurel, Pelican, Knight, Lady, Lord, and so on. Shoot, if I had what to spend, I'd want to order one from you right now.

  2. yeah sorry to say these cups were not cheap to make. but they turned out better than hoped and I was well pleased in the final product