Thursday, November 25, 2010

so to sum up...

Ok to make a short story shorter, I thought I had been more active in woodworking. I guess I failed in that I only had one more project that I did to catch me up.

I made some looms for some nice ladies up north. From all accounts I have heard they are enjoying them even with some little flaws that came through the final product. I bought a planer to dimension the lumber needed to make the looms. I have to say I am pleased with the planer ( Dewalt DW735) right out of the box it worked great with no snipe or anything noticeable as far as finish goes. Here is what I made with it:
Thats a pretty good sized pile o' wood shavings lol. This pile was about a foot tall 2 feet wide and about 4-5 feet long. But geez it was fun hehehe. So after making all this I made the looms:

The last picture is of a couple of shuttles I included with the looms. Happy weaving ladies.....


  1. That is one lovely pile of wood there... glad you had fun making it... :)

  2. and I must add that as one of the two people who got one of these looms I now have a huge pile of trim... Thanks Bear