Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sorry folks been out of touch....

And by that I mean touching my wood, and seriously I mean that in a non dirty sort of way lol.

I had the chance to help a dear friend out and "helping" (and by that I mean I built it for her, what can I say I'm a sucker for a cute smile) Build a writing slope, sometimes called a portable scribe's desk. She asked for a box with a sloped lid. I had to Bear-ify it though.

She wanted a quick and dirty "just nail it together" type writing slope.
So I did but I tweaked a couple items for her.
The bottom is dadoed into the four sides.
I added a divider with a stop-dado
A finger groove for easy opening.
A couple of hinges to tie it all together. For those woodworkers out there yes those are brad nail holes I filled with wood filler. but at least I glued up the corners.

Hope to have other projects on the go soon and since I am getting some money from my tax return I am planning on overhauling my shop.

Stay tuned for the updates.......

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